Q: When is my monthly share ready?
A: The Share is available for pick up the first Wednesday of every month.

Q: If I place an order online after the 1st of the month when will my first share be ready?
A: Your CC will be processed on the 1st of the month. Your share is always ready the first Wednesday of the month. Cut off for the next months share is 25th of the previous month unless arranged specificly with Pearl Wine Company.

Q: How are the wines selected for The Share?
We taste every new family owned wine possible. We search for the wineries that share our values about farming, and have created something unique. Once these criteria are met, only the greatest values are chosen.

Q: Do I get to choose the kind of wines? What if I don’t like white wine?
A: The Share is a selection of wines, that reflect the seasons, and they are intended to be an experience that you might not have had before. Each wine must meet a level of approachability for all people and will consistently be a unique example that we hope broadens perspective on many categories of wine.

Q: Are the wines Organic? Biodynamic?
A: Every wine has to meet our very high standards! A single certification is not enough for us to trust the winery is farming without negative chemicals, supporting their community, monitoring waste and building good relationships with their community.

Q: How do I pause, upgrade or cancel my subscription?
Please email info@pearlwinecompany.com to pause, change, or cancel your membership.

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Currently we are not delivering. We invite you to come into our physical location to pick up your months wines and save 10% on all wine, beer and spirits in the store!

Q: Do you ship?
A: Due to state laws we are not able ship. 

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